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Auditorium Shores at Town Lake Metropolitan Park

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Auditorium Shores is located at 920 West Riverside Drive in the Town Lake area. This is less than 15 minutes drive from home for me; I often run to this park during my weekend long runs, but today I just did 3.17 flat miles within the park itself. You can get a lot more distance as this park connects to the popular Butler Shores Trail, which I’ll cover in a future post. Some 2-hour parking for Auditorium Shores can be found along Riverside Drive.

Skyline view on this overcast day

While a great open space convenient to downtown, this is a not a park for silence and serenity. It’s bustling with people and their dogs (much of the park is off-leash) throughout the day. There are lots of things to see and restrooms and water fountains are available. The Bicentennial Memorial Sculpture, Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial, and Catholic War Veterans Memorial can all be viewed here.

On the left, a mallard preens itself on a rock in front of the Fannie Davis Town Lake Gazebo, a 1969 gift from the Austin Association of Women in Construction (the gazebo, not the duck). The photo on the right shows a turtle I came upon on the trail; that twig he was carrying wasn’t hiding him too well.

Another great thing about this site is that you can run along the lake side on the gravel trail or the street side on the sidewalk and get two different perspectives. A posted sign describes the Let’s Can It Austin initiative; visit that link for details on how you can help keep our city’s watershed areas clean.The Great Outdogs Mobile Store was parked here but not open at the early hour I visited.

Can’t miss this important reminder to clean up after your dog!

Auditorium Shores runs along next to The Long Center for the Performing Arts. I heard beautiful music streaming out of the Center and when I got closer saw aerialists practicing outside. Look closely at the photo below; can you see the four people on or next to each column? I believe they were preparing for the upcoming Heaven Earth One show. It was quite a lovely sight – this is one of the reasons why it’s great to get out and explore new locations. You never know what you’ll come upon! I was treated to a neat cultural experience to go along with my nature and fitness session.

I paused at some temporary bleachers and did six sets of crunches to supplement the 30 minutes of core training I did before I left the house – keep an eye out for extra exercise opportunities!

Other Workouts Since Last Post: Friday – yoga class + chest & shoulders strength training; Saturday – 14 miles cycling + arms strength training; Sunday – 8.04 mile run; Tuesday – 3.26 mile run + pilates/barre lower body conditioning class


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