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Butler Shores at Town Lake Metro Park

08.26.13 Posted in Central by

Part of what most in Austin call the Town Lake Trail, Butler Shores at Town Lake Metro Park is located at 200 S Lamar Boulevard. I do my long runs from my Central Austin home down to here nearly every weekend when the weather is a little cooler, but this weekday I just drove here and ran 3.6 miles.

I find it’s easier to park on the back side of Butler Metro Park and run back to the address above; most of the spots right at this address are reserved for the PARD office and the Zach Theatre. Once you drop down onto the trail, if you head left you’ll get to the bamboo grove, a pretty and a little quieter part of the busy downtown trail. If you stay on the lower part of the trail right along the water, you’ll eventually dead-end at Barton Springs and then you can turn back and cover the rest of this section heading the other way.

The trail in this area is relatively flat, though other parts have some more hilliness. The surface is mostly gravel with a little bit of pavement here and there.

Restrooms, water fountains, and other amenities make it easy to see why this spot is so popular with runners, thanks in large part to the great work of The Trail Foundation. I often run into someone I know out here and this day was no exception. Part of my goal for this blog is to show that there are literally hundreds of other places to run in Austin that aren’t as well known, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate (and use a lot!) this trail too.

Are you getting your kids involved when you set out on a trail? I loved this article that talks about how a nature hike is the perfect classroom for children.

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