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Another Round Up

10.02.16 Posted in Central by

Barton Hills School Park (2009 Homedale Drive) has a 1/4 mile loop track that is irregularly shaped and partially paved, partially gravel. Two little hills make it a fun spot to run, and the quiet setting yesterday morning plus the field of rain lilies added to the pleasant experience. There is some construction fencing and […]


09.28.16 Posted in Central, Uncategorized by

I have recently visited but found undeveloped and unrunnable the following: Barrow Nature Preserve (7515 Step Down Cove), Big Walnut Creek Nature Preserve (9221 E US Hwy 290), and Onion Creek Wildlife Sanctuary (4435 E SH 71). Onward to more!

Waller Beach at Town Lake Metro Park

07.03.16 Posted in Central by

Waller Beach at Town Lake Metro Park (30 East Avenue) is part of the Town Lake Trail (Ann and Roy Butler Hike & Bike Trail) system. The trail through this section is gravel and there’s also a very interesting restroom design in this area. There are many different parks that make up our wonderful downtown […]

Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Metro Park

06.09.15 Posted in Central, Large Park by

Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Metro Park (400 Grove Boulevard) is a large park (over 265 acres) with many facilities, having been developed only in the last few years. The playground is very unique (and shaded!) and there is a nice picnic pavilion. Ample parking is available in several lots here. It was very quiet […]

Lamar Beach at Town Lake Metro Park/Metz Neighborhood Park

08.09.14 Posted in Central by

Lamar Beach at Town Lake Metro Park (1200 West Cesar Chavez Street) is a well-trafficked section of the Town Lake/Lady Bird Lake Butler Trail. This represents one of many access points along the gravel Trail. This part has a few little inclines and nice views of the Lake. At 65 acres and with continuation on […]

Holly Shores at Town Lake Metro Park/ International Shores at Town Lake Metro Park/Longhorn Shores at Town Lake Metro Park

06.11.14 Posted in Central by

Holly Shores at Town Lake Metro Park (2711 Canterbury Street), like the other parks mentioned in this post, are part of the much larger trail around Lady Bird (Town) Lake. There are a variety of different access points, but this is an especially good ones because there’s a parking lot at this address (though a […]

Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail

04.16.14 Posted in Central, Large Park by

Though its official address is 800 West Riverside Drive, this massive trail is accessed by many different parks throughout Central Austin. Truly one of the best parts of living in Austin, the Trail is a real gem that we should all value. I’ll updates links to the related park posts here. Butler Shores at Town […]

Eilers (Deep Eddy) Neighborhood Park/Johnson Creek Greenbelt/Zilker Metro Park

04.16.14 Posted in Central, Large Park by

Eilers (Deep Eddy) Neighborhood Park is located at 401 Deep Eddy Avenue in Central Austin. It’s best known for its pool, which was looking quite inviting even on this chilly day, but is also a great spot to access Town Lake Trail. Parking was plentiful on this weekday but gets crowded on summer weekends. The […]

Mueller Lake Park

04.13.14 Posted in Central by

This is not a city park but I’m including it here because it’s a fun place to run and is open to the public. Located in the Mueller area, a mostly paved trail circles around the lake. Swans, geese, and ducks have taken up residence and you can’t help but hear them as well as […]

Edward Rendon Sr. Metro Park at Festival Beach

02.10.14 Posted in Central by

Edward Rendon Sr. Metro Park at Festival Beach is located at 2101 Jesse E. Segovia Street in Central Austin. The trail here makes up part of the Lady Bird (Town) Lake Trail, so you can choose whatever distance you want and just keep going and going on this unpaved trail along the water. This a […]

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