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Duncan Neighborhood Park

01.23.14 Posted in Central by

Duncan Neighborhood Park is located at 900 West 9th Street in Central Austin. It’s along the Shoal Creek Trail so while there’s not a whole lot of area to run in right here, you can check it out as you explore the rest of the trail; I got just over a mile in for the […]

Shoal Creek Greenbelt and Pease District Park

11.12.13 Posted in Central, Large Park, NE, NW by

The entrance to Shoal Creek Greenbelt is at 2600 Lamar Blvd. One can usually find parking on the side street near this trailhead, but I ran to this park from home as part of my weekly long run.  I go past here every week, sometimes dropping down onto the trail versus staying on the sidewalk, […]

Colorado River Wildlife Sanctuary

09.13.13 Posted in Central by

The Colorado River Wildlife Sanctuary is located at 5827 Levander Loop. It can be kind of hard to find; navigate to this address and just pull in to the small parking lot under that Montopolis Bridge. The sign for the park and the trailhead is beyond the parking lot set way back from the street. […]

Butler Metro Park/ Dougherty Arts Center

08.28.13 Posted in Central by

Butler Metro Park is located at 1000 Barton Springs Road, between the Dougherty Arts Center and the Palmer Events Center. It’s one of the prettiest of the more manicured parks in Austin in my opinion. Lots of sidewalks snake around open area, unique foliage, small hills, many benches and places to sit, and the Liz […]

Butler Shores at Town Lake Metro Park

08.26.13 Posted in Central by

Part of what most in Austin call the Town Lake Trail, Butler Shores at Town Lake Metro Park is located at 200 S Lamar Boulevard. I do my long runs from my Central Austin home down to here nearly every weekend when the weather is a little cooler, but this weekday I just drove here […]

Barton Creek Greenbelt

07.14.13 Posted in Central, Large Park by

Barton Creek Greenbelt (not to be confused with Barton Creek Wilderness Park) is located at 3753 South Capital of Texas Highway in Central Austin. At over 800 acres, it’s a huge park with miles and miles of beautiful trail. I completed a quick 2.3 miles here between clients. There are some spots with short but […]

Barton Creek Wilderness Park

05.23.13 Posted in Central, Large Park by

There are several different trailheads and entry points for Barton Creek Wilderness Park, but today I entered via the “official” address at 3918 South Mopac Expressway Service Road SB. This place is a real retreat and truly one of the best things about living in Austin. I love to run here, and today’s expedition didn’t […]

Auditorium Shores at Town Lake Metropolitan Park

05.08.13 Posted in Central, Large Park by

Auditorium Shores is located at 920 West Riverside Drive in the Town Lake area. This is less than 15 minutes drive from home for me; I often run to this park during my weekend long runs, but today I just did 3.17 flat miles within the park itself. You can get a lot more distance […]

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