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Duncan Neighborhood Park

01.23.14 Posted in Central by

Duncan Neighborhood Park is located at 900 West 9th Street in Central Austin. It’s along the Shoal Creek Trail so while there’s not a whole lot of area to run in right here, you can check it out as you explore the rest of the trail; I got just over a mile in for the […]

Shoal Creek Greenbelt and Pease District Park

11.12.13 Posted in Central, Large Park, NE, NW by

The entrance to Shoal Creek Greenbelt is at 2600 Lamar Blvd. One can usually find parking on the side street near this trailhead, but I ran to this park from home as part of my weekly long run.  I go past here every week, sometimes dropping down onto the trail versus staying on the sidewalk, […]

This blog chronicles my journey to run in every park in Austin. As an outdoor enthusiast, admirer of wildlife, and ultramarathoner who’s completed more than 35 distance races around the country, I explore our great green spaces while combining that with my fitness pursuits.
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