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Highland Neighborhood Park

08.25.16 Posted in NE by

Highland Neighborhood Park (401 West St. Johns Avenue) is mostly sports fields that look a bit neglected. The neighborhood is working with the City to redevelop this park and it will probably be a great community asset in the future. Currently there is a park road that goes in sort of a U-shape around the […]

Round Up

08.02.16 Posted in NE, NW by

I had some time off today and visited (or attempted to visit!) several different sites. Andrews School Park (2400 Lehigh Drive) is just a small path to a school playground, not a runnable site. Barrington School Park (9306 Glenn Lane) has a gravel track but all the gates were locked today. It may not be […]

Yett Creek Neighborhood Park, Wooten Neighborhood Park, Ortega School Park Track

07.22.16 Posted in NE, NW by

Yett Creek Neighborhood Park is listed in the Parks Directory as being located at 12538 Riata Vista Circle, but there is no discernible entrance or trailhead at this address that I could find. Entering the name into my navigation led me to a location about ten minutes away from that address with what looked like […]

T.A. Brown School Park

06.20.16 Posted in NE by

T.A. Brown School Park (520 Northway Drive) has a gravel track that is just under 0.2 miles per lap. It’s close and convenient to home for me, and a quick place to get a short run in when school is not in session. The track is flat and exposed. There are a few exercise stations […]

Walter E. Long Metro Park

06.08.16 Posted in NE by

Walter E. Long Metro Park (6620 Blue Bluff Road) is a large park bordering Decker Lake. It is much more suited for fishing than running and there is a $5 entrance fee. You can get a run in of about 2 miles on the (flat, exposed) roadways within the park. Being next to the lake, […]

Triangle Commons Neighborhood Park

05.26.16 Posted in NE by

Triangle Commons Neighborhood Park is in the Triangle residential and retail area. The address on the park directory is 722 W 46th Street – that doesn’t seem to take you right to the park via a navigation app, but within the Triangle you can’t miss it. There is a nice playground, splashpad, and pond. If […]

Shipe Neighborhood Park

08.29.15 Posted in NE by

Shipe Neighborhood Park (4400 Avenue G) is a 2.5 acre park in the Hyde Park area. A lot of features are packed into its smaller size, including basketball and tennis courts, a swimming pool, playground, public art in the form of mosaic and sculpture, and ample picnic areas. Even the restroom building has an interesting […]

Springdale Neighborhood Park

02.05.15 Posted in NE by

Springdale Neighborhood Park (1175 Nickols Avenue) is a smaller park with a short paved pathway. It’s too short to be much good for running – it takes about six out-and-backs to make one mile. But, it’s a nice place to visit with several picnic tables and a good quality playground. There’s also an interesting mosaic-ed […]

North Acres Neighborhood Park/North Oaks Neighborhood Park/Patterson Neighborhood Park

11.11.14 Posted in NE by

North Acres Neighborhood Park (1112 Hermitage Drive) is a smaller park that has a footbridge and a sidewalk along a wooded area with a bit of an incline. That path is about 0.6 miles out and back and street parking is readily available. There are no other facilities. North Oaks Neighborhood Park is about six […]

Lott Pocket Park/Meadows at Trinity Crossing Neighborhood/Norman School Park/Greater Works Baptist Church track

08.13.14 Posted in NE by

Lott Pocket Park (1180 Curve Street) is a small park that is a pretty little spot to run, surprisingly quiet despite its proximity to I-35. Each lap around the sidewalk that surrounds it and its block equals 0.21 miles. There is a splash pad, gazebo, water fountains, street parking, and ample benches and grills. The […]

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