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JJ Seabrook Greenbelt/Kealing School Park/John Trevino Jr. Metro Park at Morrison Ranch/Knollwood Neighborhood Park/Little Walnut Creek District Park

08.06.14 Posted in NE by

The park at JJ Seabrook Greenbelt (2000 Pershing Drive) is really just a wide median on a residential street that’s a bit hilly. It’s about 0.4 miles around the perimeter and has lots of varied big trees and easy street parking. There are no facilities here, just a few benches. Kealing School Park (1500 Rosewood […]

Govalle Neighborhood Park/Gustavo “Gus” L. Garcia District Park

06.07.14 Posted in NE by

Govalle Neighborhood Park (5200 Bolm Road) has the beginnings of a paved hike/bike trail that is under construction at this time. Right now you can run around the perimeter of the park and get in about .6 miles; it will be better suited for running when the construction is finished. Ample parking is available onsite […]

Givens District Park

05.06.14 Posted in NE by

I visited Givens District Park (3811 E 12th Street) recently and it’s  unfortunately not a great place to run. There is a large community center, sports fields, and picnic tables and shelters, but because the park is basically a linear tract with parking on one side of the road that runs through it and fields […]

Shoal Creek Greenbelt and Pease District Park

11.12.13 Posted in Central, Large Park, NE, NW by

The entrance to Shoal Creek Greenbelt is at 2600 Lamar Blvd. One can usually find parking on the side street near this trailhead, but I ran to this park from home as part of my weekly long run.  I go past here every week, sometimes dropping down onto the trail versus staying on the sidewalk, […]

Colorado/Walnut Greenbelt

10.06.13 Posted in NE by

The address for Colorado/Walnut Greenbelt is 8001 Delwau Lane in Northeast Austin. This is a large trail and that address is probably not the best way to enter; I pulled up to it and was met with a lot full of many abandoned buildings like the one below and a kind of scary street. The […]

Colony District Park

09.10.13 Posted in NE by

Colony District Park is located at 7400 Loyola Lane in Northeast Austin. There is another park called Austin’s Colony Neighborhood Park at a separate location. Though this is listed on the Parks Directory as a developed park, it doesn’t seem to be. It’s over 90 acres of woods but there isn’t any trail or other […]

Davis White Northeast Neighborhood Park

08.21.13 Posted in NE by

Davis White Northeast Neighborhood Park is located at 6705 Crystalbrook Drive, near the intersection of 183 and Loyola. This setting means that you’ll hear plenty of traffic noise while visiting. Parts of the park run behind some people’s back yards, so you’ll encounter the barking of several dogs as well, but they all seemed to […]

Boggy Creek Greenbelt/Rosewood Neighborhood Park

08.06.13 Posted in NE by

Located at 1114 Nile Street, Boggy Creek Greenbelt is a peaceful Northeast park. I ran 3.7 miles here with two out-and-backs and a little extra leg on the trail; it’s mostly gravel but paved in some parts. Street parking can be found easily in this mostly residential area and one end of the park is […]

Brownie Pocket Park

07.18.13 Posted in NE, Small Park by

This is my 25th park run chronicled here! Brownie Pocket Park is in Northeast Austin at 10000 Brownie Drive. This is a tiny park that consists of a playscape, water fountains, and some small,  flat open space. I”m sure it”s a nice place to play for those in the neighborhood, but it”s definitely not a […]

Brush Square

06.27.13 Posted in NE, Small Park by

Brush Square is located downtown at 409 East 5th Street. The park houses the Austin Fire Museum, the O. Henry Museum and the Susanna Dickinson House. Dickinson survived the Battle of the Alamo and became known as the “Messenger of the Alamo.” This is a small park that includes those buildings and a bit of […]

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