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Still Kickin’!

01.12.17 Posted in South by

Currently five month pregnant, which has put a little snag in some of my running plans! I had a pretty rough first trimester that didn’t allow for a lot of exercise, but I’m able to do some now with appropriate modifications. So, I’m back at my parks project. Yesterday, I visited Tom Lasseter-South Lamar Neighborhood […]

Williamson Creek Central Greenbelt

07.29.16 Posted in South by

Williamson Creek Central Greenbelt (5120 S 1st Street) is an 82 acre park. It appears that only a small section of it developed at this time. Admirably, the neighbors have adopted it in recent years and set up a butterfly garden and picnic area. Right now unfortunately most of the park is overgrown and has […]

Down South

10.19.15 Posted in South by

St. Elmo School Park (4312 South 1st Street) is a six acre park with a gravel track that measures about 0.2 miles per lap. I did a total of 1.33 miles of my run here. The track is flat and not shaded. It was empty of other visitors while I was there. There is on-site […]

Poinciana Neighborhood Park

06.04.15 Posted in South by

Poinciana Neighborhood Park (5201 Friedrich Lane) is a triangle-shaped park in South Austin. Sidewalk goes around about half of it and amounts to about 0.3 miles; one would need to step out into the street to go all the way around, which I wouldn’t recommend as these are pretty busy streets. Despite its smaller size […]

Recent Unrunnables

04.30.15 Posted in South by

I have been striking out lately on being able to run in the parks I’m visiting – but I guess part of discovering great places to run is eliminating the places where you can’t! Old San Antonio Greenbelt (11705 Old San Antonio Rd), Old San Antonio Park (12110 Old San Antonio Rd), and Onion Creek […]

Silk Oak Neighborhood Park

04.26.15 Posted in South by

Silk Oak Neighborhood Park (3204 Silk Oak Drive) is a good spot for play or a picnic but not ideal for running. Though it’s almost 18 acres, it’s a largely open area without a path or trail to run on; one would be hard-pressed to get in a quarter mile here. This park is a […]

Montopolis Neighborhood Park/Nicholas Dawson Neighborhood Park

11.11.14 Posted in South by

Montopolis Neighborhood Park (1200 Montopolis Drive) has a flat 0.4 mile unpaved loop trail. There is on-site parking next to the rec center here; this park also has a pool, playground and sports courts. It was deserted on the day I visited but the adjoining backyards sure had a lot of territorial barking dogs. Nicholas […]

Mabel Davis District Park

10.19.14 Posted in South by

Mabel Davis District Park (3427 Parker Lane) has a skate park and some other sports features. A short unpaved trail along the back of the park yields about 0.6 miles with an out and back and has a view of a pretty ridge area.

Legend Oaks Neighborhood Park/Lewis Mountain Ranch Neighborhood Park/Little Zilker Neighborhood Park/Longview Neighborhood Park

08.12.14 Posted in South by

Legend Oaks Neighborhood Park (7724 Escarpment Boulevard) is an undeveloped patch of woods in a residential area. There is no signage and it is not runnable. Lewis Mountain Ranch Neighborhood Park (8206 Lewis Mountain Drive) is also an undeveloped unrunnable tract. Little Zilker Neighborhood Park (2016 Bluebonnet Lane), not to be confused with Zilker Metro […]

Houston School Park/Joslin Neighborhood Park

07.29.14 Posted in South, Uncategorized by

Houston School Park (5506 Tallow Tree Drive) offers a short (0.18 mile) flat gravel loop. It’s very exposed to the sun but is a nice quiet place if you’re into running many laps. The tiny track is pretty well used; there were four people out on the muggy weekend morning I was here. There are […]

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