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Heritage Oaks Neighborhood Park/Hielscher Tract Greenbelt

06.11.14 Posted in South by

Heritage Oaks Neighborhood Park (2100 Parker Lane) is most open space with some very large shade trees. There are no facilities like restrooms or water fountains here. It’s not an ideal spot for distance running, but one could run along quiet Parker Lane and into an L-shape along the sidewalk at the front of the […]

Grand Meadow Neighborhood Park/Kendra Page Neighborhood Park/Mary Moore Searight Metro Park Off-Leash Trail

06.08.14 Posted in South by

Grand Meadow Neighborhood Park (8022 Thaxton Drive) really is just a meadow of tall grasses and wildflowers. It is undeveloped and there is no runnable area. Kendra Page Neighborhood Park (2203 Blue Meadow Drive) is also not a runnable park – it has a nice sand volleyball court but other than that it’s a small […]

Franklin Neighborhood Park/Gillis Neighborhood Park

05.31.14 Posted in South by

Franklin Neighborhood Park (4800 Copperbend Boulevard) and Gillis Neighborhood Park (2410 Durwood Avenue) are pretty similar parks when it comes to running potential. Both are relatively small parks that have gravel trails of less than 1 mile running around the perimeter. They’re both also nice quiet spots that I had to myself last week. Franklin […]

Gaines Creek Neighborhood Park

05.11.14 Posted in South by

Gaines Creek Neighborhood Park is a beautiful spot in South Austin at 4801 Republic of Texas Boulevard. An unpaved one-mile trail loops around the pretty acreage and right now is just full of wildflowers of all different kinds. The rocky trail is clean and well-maintained. It’s relatively easy to follow; there were two spots where […]

Dove Springs District Park

01.16.14 Posted in South by

Dove Springs District Park is located at 5801 Ainez Drive in South Austin. It’s a fun place to run because it offers two different experiences based on which part of the trail you use. One part is more out in the open and circles the many facilities offered here (baseball fields; basketball, tennis, and volleyball […]

Dick Nichols District Park and Goat Cave Karst Nature Preserve

11.15.13 Posted in South by

Dick Nichols District Park is located at 8011 Beckett Road. It has a 1-mile paved loop that makes it great for running, especially if you are looking for an outdoor, “road running” experience without dealing with traffic. The pre-measured loop, which is impossible to get lost on, would also make it a good place to […]

Commons Ford Ranch Metro Park

10.14.13 Posted in Large Park, South by

Commons Ford Ranch Metro Park is a beautiful spot at 614 North Commons Ford Road in South Austin. This is a little-known gem that is definitely worth exploring no matter where you’re coming from. It covers 212 acres. The hilly, unpaved trails here are not really marked but are relatively easy to follow as long […]

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