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Onion Creek Greenbelt/Marble Creek Greenbelt

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Onion Creek Greenbelt (7004 Onion Creek Drive) is a quiet and secluded park with a great unpaved trail. This trail is flat and can be a little hard to find; the trailhead is near the playground. There’s lots of open space in this 211 acre park but once you get onto the trail it’s quite […]

Houston School Park/Joslin Neighborhood Park

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Houston School Park (5506 Tallow Tree Drive) offers a short (0.18 mile) flat gravel loop. It’s very exposed to the sun but is a nice quiet place if you’re into running many laps. The tiny track is pretty well used; there were four people out on the muggy weekend morning I was here. There are […]

Eastwoods Neighborhood Park

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Eastwoods Neighborhood Park is locared at 3001 Harris Park Avenue in Northeast Austin, the University area. This park has sports fields, restrooms, a splash pad, and a short unpaved trail that I got about 1.4 miles of my run on with several loops and some meandering through the middle. I had the place to myself […]

Dottie Jordan Neighborhood Park

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Looking forward to sharing my adventures in 2014 and furthering this project! In the meantime, here’s a quick photo from my most recent park run, in Dottie Jordan Neighborhood Park (2803 Loyola Lane), a park with a nice yet short loop trail along a creek. I’m also proud to be a Nuun Ambassador for 2014. […]

Dittmar District Park and Garrison District Park

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Dittmar District Park is located at 1009 W Dittmar Road in South Austin. It is behind a community center, where you can easily find parking. A short paved section leads onto a flat unpaved 1/4 mile trail that circles a soccer field. There are also playgrounds, basketball and volleyball courts, and a swimming pool. It […]

Austin Ridge Bible Church “Backyard”

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This is not a city park at all, but is a beautiful recreational area that’s open to the public so I’m including it here. Austin Ridge Bible Church (9300 Bee Cave Rd) has opened their property for all the community to enjoy; the entire site, called the Backyard was built by and is maintained by […]


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Haven’t posted much lately due to travel and the fact that the last few parks I’ve visited were a total bust. Del Curto Neighborhood Park and Copperfield Neighborhood Park are completely under construction (I’ll revisit those later), and Harris Branch Neighborhood Park is not run-able at all due to its size and layout. Goes to […]

Colorado/Walnut Greenbelt

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The address for Colorado/Walnut Greenbelt is 8001 Delwau Lane in Northeast Austin. This is a large trail and that address is probably not the best way to enter; I pulled up to it and was met with a lot full of many abandoned buildings like the one below and a kind of scary street. The […]

Convict Hill Quarry Neighborhood Park

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Convict Hill Quarry Neighborhood Park is located in South Austin at 6511 Convict Hill Road. This park is under 3 acres but is a nice place to slip away into nature. The mulch trail consists of a small loop with a few little offshoots to explore; with six loops around I got in just under […]

Country Club Creek Greenbelt

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Country Club Creek Greenbelt is in South Austin at 3109 Burleson Road. There’s no sign at this address; look for the Nuevo Estilo hair salon next to the trail head and then park on a side street off Burleson. The greenbelt will eventually run from Guerrero Colorado River Park to Mabel Davis Park but for […]

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