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Down South

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St. Elmo School Park (4312 South 1st Street) is a six acre park with a gravel track that measures about 0.2 miles per lap. I did a total of 1.33 miles of my run here. The track is flat and not shaded. It was empty of other visitors while I was there. There is on-site parking here as well as a basketball court. It is closed Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm as it is attached to a school. I had the pleasure of seeing a larger flock of wild Quaker parrots in the midfield of the track – a neat bright green sight to see!


Stoney Ridge Neighborhood Park (7000 Moores Crossing Boulevard) is a small park that is not very runnable. A short stretch of flat, exposed sidewalk yields only 0.15 miles out and back. It has a playground, basketball court, and parking.


Other parks that I have recently attempted to visit but are undeveloped and not runnable at all are South Boggy Creek Greenbelt, South Park Meadows Greenbelt, Southland Oaks Neighborhood Park, Springfield Neighborhood Park, Williamson Creek East Greenbelt, and Willamson Creek West Greenbelt (which are a 12 minute drive apart despite their similar names).

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