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Reed Neighborhood Park

04.06.15 Posted in NW by

Reed Neighborhood Park is located at 2614 Pecos Street. There is a short nature trail accessible via the trailhead near the back of the parking area. With six out-and-backs on this trail and on the paved section of the park, I got in 1.55 miles of my run here on this overcast day. There were a few others users in the main part of the park but I had the trail to myself. It empties out into a neighborhood at the other end.


The trail has a few little fun inclines and is unpaved. It’s very shady and has houses up on a ridge on one side and a babbling stream on the other which the trail crosses once. A pretty spot to visit and a good place to run if you’re willing to do some repeats.

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Ramsey Neighborhood Park

03.31.15 Posted in Uncategorized by

Ramsey Neighborhood Park (4301 Rosedale Avenue) has many features like brand new playground equipment, a pool, and sports courts that make it a great place for children, and a flat sidewalk that goes around the rectangular perimeter that makes it good for runners. Seven laps around gets you three miles.

The park is rather busy with families on weekends, but had a decent number of other users on this overcast, muggy weekday too. There is no lot but street parking is available all along the perimeter.   Restrooms and water fountains are also present. You can see across this five acre park from pretty much any point on the path, and it’s in a residential area.



Springdale Neighborhood Park

02.05.15 Posted in NE by

Springdale Neighborhood Park (1175 Nickols Avenue) is a smaller park with a short paved pathway. It’s too short to be much good for running – it takes about six out-and-backs to make one mile. But, it’s a nice place to visit with several picnic tables and a good quality playground. There’s also an interesting mosaic-ed pavilion here. The path is relatively flat; it was otherwise deserted on the cold day I visited, and quiet except for dogs from neighboring yards and airplane traffic overhead. There is a parking lot with ample spaces onsite.


Scofield Farms Neighborhood Park

01.30.15 Posted in Uncategorized by

Scofield Farms Neighborhood Park (12901 Scofield Farms Dr) has a meandering out-and-back gravel path with a little tributary section that leads down to the creek that runs through it – which actually had rushing water in it the chilly day I visited. With three out-and-backs, one tributary jaunt, and finishing on the sidewalk in front of the park, I got two miles of my run in here.


There were several other folks out here walking. Street parking was ample. The trail has one inclined bit as you head back out, just enough to be a little challenge for the legs but not too intense.



Riata Neighborhood Park

01.22.15 Posted in Uncategorized by

Riata Neighborhood Park (12401 Riata Trace Parkway) is a lovely park that’s hard to park near. The streets and office parking lots nearby are all tow away zones, so you need to drive a ways down the road to find a spot. It does have a flat gravel trail that surrounds the pond and features some exercise stations and a playground. In addition to that main pond loop trail, there is also a smaller more rugged trail near the tennis courts to explore. I was the only visitor on this weekday. Signage indicates that each loop is 1/2 mile, but it’s really about 0.4 miles.


Red Bud Isle/Bright Leaf Preserve

01.13.15 Posted in NW by

Red Bud Isle (3401 Red Bud Trail) is a popular off-leash dog park that has an unpaved trail. Each loop is about 0.4 miles, 0.5 if you take the detour out onto the little pointe. The trail is relatively flat with one slightly inclined spot.


It’s often crowded with people and their dogs who run in and out of the water. There is a small parking lot and no other facilities.

I recently also attempted to visit Nuckols Crossing of Slaughter Creek, but it as undeveloped and unrunnable, as well as Parque Zaragoza Neighborhood Park, which was full of folks loitering there in such a way that I did not feel safe.

I also had the opportunity last month to trek through Bright Leaf Preserve with the local Sierra Club. It’s a lovely, hilly spot with beautiful views and a historic home at the top; we did about 3 miles here. It’s only open with a trained guide.



Oakview Neighborhood Park

12.02.14 Posted in NW by

Oakview Neighborhood Park (10902 Oak View Drive) has a gravel trail circling around the seven acre park. Wooded scenery and interpretive signs describing the plant life make for a pleasant run of about 0.4 miles per lap. This park also has a nice large picnic pavilion and easy street parking. There is some construction going on in the middle of the park but I couldn’t tell what is being built. A group of three deer greeted me in a little clearing.



Northwest Balcones Neighborhood Park

11.25.14 Posted in NW by

Northwest Balcones Neighborhood Park (10225 Talleyran Drive) offers a paved loop that circles the more developed section of the park as well as a small unofficial path that meanders into the pretty wooded area, totaling about 0.5 miles per loop. There are several nice picnic shelters, parking lot, and playground at this park and the path is relatively flat. Some lovely canyon views can also be enjoyed here.



Quail Creek Neighborhood Park

11.19.14 Posted in NW by

Quail Creek Neighborhood Park (1101 Mearns Meadow Drive) has a 0.5 mile gravel track with several exercise stations along the path. Street parking is available and the trail is partially shaded and has a few tiny hilly sections. There were several other runners and families out at the park on this sunny, chilly day I visited.



North Star Greenbelt/North Cat Mountain Greenbelt

11.15.14 Posted in NW by

North Star Greenbelt (11701 Tallow Field Way) is an interesting running locale, basically a long skinny tract of land under power lines with a curvy paved path that measures about 1.7 miles with each out and back. Though most of the “view” is of the back of people’s fences, it’s actually quite a pleasant space to run. I saw an abundance of bird life on this cold day and had the place to myself. The park does have some rolling hills, just enough to make it interesting. Other than a few benches there are no other facilities here. Street parking is readily available.


I also attempted to visit North Cat Mountain Greenbelt on this day but it is an undeveloped, un-runnable spot.

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