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Waller Creek Greenbelt/Waterloo Park/More of The Trail

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Not getting a ton of running in here at nine months pregnant, but I’ve managed a few park miles here and there recently. I visited Waterloo Neighborhood Park (500 East 12th Street) and the Waller Creek Greenbelt (703 East 6th Street), which is currently undergoing a big revitalization construction project and isn’t very accessible. I look forward to checking it out again when the project is complete. Check out updates at

Waller Creek Greenbelt

I also recently revisited a few areas of Butler/Town Lake Trail (Austin’s main trail system around the lake), including Peace Point (2200 South Lakeshore Blvd) and Shoal Beach (707 W Cesar Chavez Street). The Trail is buzzing and vibrant as always. I can’t wait to dig back in to running more distance postpartum.

Peace Point



Still Kickin’!

01.12.17 Posted in South by

Currently five month pregnant, which has put a little snag in some of my running plans! I had a pretty rough first trimester that didn’t allow for a lot of exercise, but I’m able to do some now with appropriate modifications. So, I’m back at my parks project.

Yesterday, I visited Tom Lasseter-South Lamar Neighborhood Park (3000 Del Curto Rd). It has a short, flat gravel path and short paved path – which oddly just stops abruptly on either end and forces you to hop over a fence (not so cute with this baby bump) or go into the somewhat busy roadway. One can only get in about 0.3 miles per loop of this park, so while a nice park it’s not ideal for running. There is a small parking lot, basketball court, covered picnic shelter, and an adorable playscape shaped like a tree house.

I also attempted yesterday to visit a few parks that turned out to be undeveloped or otherwise unrunnable: Ponciana Neighborhood Park (5201 Freidrich Lane; a paved path is currently under construction), Old Moore’s Crossing Neighborhood Park (7420 Apperson Street), Elroy Neighborhood Park (7527 Elroy Road), and Dry Creek Greenbelt (6100 Constellation Circle). I happened past a county park I was going to stop at while between these City parks, but quickly saw the Richard Moya Park is “Closed Until Further Notice” due to the presence of hazardous contaminants per the signs. This park was affected by flooding over a year ago but I couldn’t find any information online about the current closure – peculiar!

I don’t have too many more parks to cover, so this project should be completed before baby is!



Another Round Up

10.02.16 Posted in Central by

Barton Hills School Park (2009 Homedale Drive) has a 1/4 mile loop track that is irregularly shaped and partially paved, partially gravel. Two little hills make it a fun spot to run, and the quiet setting yesterday morning plus the field of rain lilies added to the pleasant experience. There is some construction fencing and equipment on site. In addition to a vibrant mosaic, this park also has a playground, a small shaded amphitheater, and easy street parking. It’s closed from 7am-4pm during school. 29961402292_5f986ee91e_z

A few park spaces I have visited recently and found were undeveloped/unrunnable are Davis Hill Neighborhood Park, Deer Park at Maple Run Preserve, Oakhill Neighborhood Park, and Gaines Greenbelt (not to be confused with the park by the same name).

Gaines Park (3918 S MoPac Expressway) however provides one of many access points to the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Limited parking is available along the exit ramp from MoPac and a shaved ice truck can often be found near this trailhead. Lots of people were visiting yesterday, many with dogs, as the weather is cooling down a bit. The scenery here is quite pretty, including a small waterfall and lots of wildflowers and American beauty berry right now. There are miles of unpaved trails here but I just covered a quick mile. The terrain has some loose rocks and roots, so run with caution, and look out for cyclists speeding through.


Odom School Park (1001 Sahara Avenue) has a gravel (really thick, new, loose gravel, which I don’t enjoy) track that measures about 0.15 miles per lap. Plenty of street parking is available but it’s not especially scenic though there are some nice trees along the perimeter.






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I have recently visited but found undeveloped and unrunnable the following: Barrow Nature Preserve (7515 Step Down Cove), Big Walnut Creek Nature Preserve (9221 E US Hwy 290), and Onion Creek Wildlife Sanctuary (4435 E SH 71). Onward to more!


Highland Neighborhood Park

08.25.16 Posted in NE by

Highland Neighborhood Park (401 West St. Johns Avenue) is mostly sports fields that look a bit neglected. The neighborhood is working with the City to redevelop this park and it will probably be a great community asset in the future. Currently there is a park road that goes in sort of a U-shape around the outer edge and yields about 0.5 miles with each out and back. Despite the road being pretty rough and full of potholes, it’s not a bad place for a short run. It’s flat and surprisingly quiet for this dense neighborhood. The park is not incredibly scenic but I did see a blue jay, a cardinal, and a curious Golden Retriever this overcast morning. It doesn’t seem to get much use at this point and there is amply room to park.


I also recently attempted to visit Tannehill Creek Greenbelt (2403 East 51st Street) but it is undeveloped wooded land.


More Northwesterns

08.10.16 Posted in NW by

Gilbert-Davis Tract (5512 Shoal Creek Blvd) is part of the Shoal Creek Greenbelt. The Parks Directory still lists it as undeveloped but it does now have a rock-lined dirt trail which is mostly flat and runs parallel to the creek. It’s about 0.4 miles each direction and is pretty shaded. It’s next to a relatively busy road, so it’s not exactly a serene woodland experience, but it’s still an enjoyable little spot. One can park in the street at the far end and drop down towards the creek from the sidewalk. In the short span I came upon just one other man walking an adorable poodle. There are no other facilities here.

Gilbert-Davis Tract

Gilbert-Davis Tract

Lucy Read School Park (7509 Silvercrest Drive) is just a school playground and an open field and is not runnable. Maggie Boatright Area of the Bull Creek Greenbelt has an address of 6958 Spicewood Springs Road. I looked and looked and could find no trailhead at this address, though there are many other points of entry to the Greenbelt.

Pillow School Park (8500 Rockwood Lane) has a flat gravel track that measures about a quarter mile per lap. There is no shade on the track. There are three playgrounds and a covered basketball court nearby and several children were playing there yesterday despite the extreme heat. Street parking is ample here. There are some well-done and interesting murals on the walls of the portable classrooms alongside the track, so despite the sparse landscape there is some visual interest on one end.

Pillow School Park

Pillow School Park




Doss School Park

08.05.16 Posted in NW by

Doss School Park (7013 Northledge Drive) features a short (about 0.10 miles per lap) gravel trail. It is an irregular loop that is fun to run despite its short distance. It’s on a bit of a slope and is shaded and quiet. This park, closed during school hours, also has a playground, a Little Library, basketball courts, and a garden. It would be a nice spot to bring the kids to play and get a few laps in where you can keep an eye on them. Parking on the street next to school has some special restrictions so note the signs. The very nice track at Murchison Middle is right next door, but doesn’t seem to be City maintained so I’m not covering that here.



Round Up

08.02.16 Posted in NE, NW by

I had some time off today and visited (or attempted to visit!) several different sites.

Andrews School Park (2400 Lehigh Drive) is just a small path to a school playground, not a runnable site. Barrington School Park (9306 Glenn Lane) has a gravel track but all the gates were locked today. It may not be open to the public or maybe just not today. Bolm Road District Park (6700 Bolm Road) is undeveloped; looks like there are some unsightly manufacturing facilities at this address, not parkland. Decker Tallgrass Prairie Preserve (8001 Decker Lane) and the nearby Indiangrass Wildlife Sanctuary (10203 Lindell Lane) are also undeveloped (seemingly purposely), as is Janet Long Fish Park (13840 Dessau Road), Oertli Neighborhood Park (12613 Blaine Road), and Georgian Acres Neighborhood Park (500 E Powell Lane), currently fenced off.

Buttermilk Branch Greenbelt (7501 Bethune Avenue) has a flat paved trail that, though not streetside, seems to be more of a thruway for the neighborhood and not a desirable place to run in my opinion. Street parking in the cul de sac at this address is available. The trail connects to Buttermilk Neighborhood Park and is about a half mile out and back.

Buttermilk Branch Greenbelt

Buttermilk Branch Greenbelt

Easy Boggy Creek Greenbelt has about a mile of nice paved trail, relatively recently finished, that connects to Govalle Neighborhood Park. I am always happy to visit the enormous, beautiful trees in Govalle. Despite being right in a neighborhood, the trail was surprisingly quiet. It is well-marked with mile markers and helpful directional signs and runs alongside the creek, which today was flowing in some parts and dry in others. I came upon several cyclists but no other runners. The trail is mostly exposed with some shady patches.

East Boggy Creek Greenbelt

East Boggy Creek Greenbelt

Cook School Park (1505 Cripple Creek Drive) has a 0.2 mile flat gravel track. Other than the track, the surrounding view is a blank, featureless field, not even a tree or bush surrounds it or is in the inner part. It is not one of the most exciting tracks to run on. One can street park here too.

Cook School Park

Cook School Park

Copperfield Neighborhood Park (1425 East Yager Lane) on the other hand is a really interesting site. I ran about 1.7 miles of the extensive unpaved trails here today. There was more to explore that I will revisit on a less sweltering day! There’s a small parking lot and a small, nice playground with picnic shelter and water fountain nearby. This is a lesser known (to me) trail system that is recently constructed I believe; I attempted to visit it when I started my Every Park project a few years ago and it was under construction. It’s very quiet and I didn’t encounter anyone else on the trail – except for a beautiful woodpecker I was excited to see, and lots of big dragonflies. Winding through the cedar woods, the trail offers just enough elevation change to be fun but not too extreme. I look forward to going back here (with long pants on as some of the trail has some foliage that you can’t help but brush against and poison ivy is not your friend!).

Copperfield Trails

Copperfield Trails

View more photos of this and other parks here.




Williamson Creek Central Greenbelt

07.29.16 Posted in South by

Williamson Creek Central Greenbelt (5120 S 1st Street) is an 82 acre park. It appears that only a small section of it developed at this time. Admirably, the neighbors have adopted it in recent years and set up a butterfly garden and picnic area. Right now unfortunately most of the park is overgrown and has lots of litter. The section that’s developed has about 300 feet of flat mulched pathway, so it’s not a good location for running.





Walnut Creek Greenbelt

07.27.16 Posted in NW by

Walnut Creek Greenbelt (2611 Park Bend Drive) is a large (975 acres!) tract of land that connects Walnut Creek Metro Park and Balcones District Park. There is now a nice paved trail through this greenbelt that is a really good place to run or cycle. One can park at the St. David’s Hospital Lot G and cross over towards the tree line to find the path at this address; there aren’t any signs at this end. Several other runners and cyclists were utilizing the trail yesterday morning when I visited. The area is heavily wooded surrounding the trail; visually it feels secluded even though you can hear a bit of traffic noise from MoPac still. Several bridges cross over the creek and provide some nice scenery. Other than the trail, there are no other facilities so you’ll want to bring in water and other needs. This place is worth the trip for sure.


See more of my photos of this and other parks here.


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