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Govalle Neighborhood Park/Gustavo “Gus” L. Garcia District Park

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Govalle Neighborhood Park (5200 Bolm Road) has the beginnings of a paved hike/bike trail that is under construction at this time. Right now you can run around the perimeter of the park and get in about .6 miles; it will be better suited for running when the construction is finished. Ample parking is available onsite and there’s a fun foot bridge with a creek view.


Gustavo “Gus” L. Garcia District Park (1101 East  Rundberg Lane) is a large park with a big community center. The center hosts a fun Breakfast with Santa program that our family has enjoyed. There is a lovely garden area that houses the Senior Serenity Garden; a friendly gentleman watering the plants there offered to show me inside the fence and explained that the other garden plots are available to the public for a small rental fee.

Many students use this park to walk to the school across the street. A very pretty unpaved trail runs around the perimeter. It’s a little hilly and less than a mile. On-site parking is easy to find here too.

Wildflower field at Gus Garcia Park

Wildflower field at Gus Garcia Park

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