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Gracywoods Neighborhood Park/Forest North Neighborhood Park

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Gracywoods Neighborhood Park was one site I visited today; it features a pretty little paved trail, many picnic tables, and a volleyball court and playground. Several other runners, walkers, and cyclists were there enjoying the unseasonably cool weather this morning.


The park is a fairly linear tract; the address is 12133 Metric Boulevard but there’s nowhere to park on that end. It’s better to park near and enter at the side near the intersection of Snow Goose Road and Bittern Hollow if you’re not arriving here by foot.

This peaceful little gazebo looks like a wonderful spot to relax.

This peaceful little gazebo looks like a wonderful spot to relax.

Much of the trail runs alongside an apartment complex. There is a variety of open space and more wooded areas. You can even peek down into the creek that runs alongside the park, which had quite a bit of water streaming through with the recent heavy rains we’ve had. I got in 1.75 miles of today’s run here today.


I also visited Forest North Neighborhood Park today. This small park is dominated by a pool and tennis courts; there’s not much else to it. It’s not a good place for a run, as I only eeked out a few tenths of a mile here. The pool seems to be privately operated and membership is required to enter.

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