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Highland Neighborhood Park

08.25.16 Posted in NE by

Highland Neighborhood Park (401 West St. Johns Avenue) is mostly sports fields that look a bit neglected. The neighborhood is working with the City to redevelop this park and it will probably be a great community asset in the future. Currently there is a park road that goes in sort of a U-shape around the outer edge and yields about 0.5 miles with each out and back. Despite the road being pretty rough and full of potholes, it’s not a bad place for a short run. It’s flat and surprisingly quiet for this dense neighborhood. The park is not incredibly scenic but I did see a blue jay, a cardinal, and a curious Golden Retriever this overcast morning. It doesn’t seem to get much use at this point and there is amply room to park.


I also recently attempted to visit Tannehill Creek Greenbelt (2403 East 51st Street) but it is undeveloped wooded land.

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