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Holly Shores at Town Lake Metro Park/ International Shores at Town Lake Metro Park/Longhorn Shores at Town Lake Metro Park

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Holly Shores at Town Lake Metro Park (2711 Canterbury Street), like the other parks mentioned in this post, are part of the much larger trail around Lady Bird (Town) Lake. There are a variety of different access points, but this is an especially good ones because there’s a parking lot at this address (though a small one with about 8 or 9 spaces) and the area is scenic and not very crowded. 14397193151_05dec3f6ed_z

You can view the Longhorn dam from this spot and run right over it. There’s a pretty short railing on the water side so I find this bridge a little scary, but it’s not too bad. There seems to be more cyclists in this area than other parts of the Trail. Once you get over the dam, this immediate area is relatively flat and has a gravel trail. This section of the trail connects right over to Longhorn Shores at Town Lake Metro Park (60 South Pleasant Valley Road), where you can also find a small parking lot and can continue for miles along the Trail.


International Shores at Town Lake Metro Park (1800 South Lakeshore Boulevard) is a convenient spot to access the Trail and especially the new Boardwalk. The Boardwalk, which just opened last weekend, connects the East and West sides of the trail and is a lovely addition. It’s a nice wide pathway that’s quite scenic. It is completely sun-exposed unlike other portions of the Trail, so you’ll want to make sure your sun protection is in place. It’s definitely gotten pretty hot out there, so visiting in the early morning might be best this time of year. The address mentioned above allows you to easily street park for free and there is a nice new restroom and water fountains at this spot. Plenty of folks were out today checking out the new digs, but there was still ample room to run comfortably. Lakeshore at Town Lake Metro Park (2200 S Lakeshore Boulevard) is listed as a separate park but is all part of this same general area. Between these three access points, I did 2.1 miles of my run on the Trail today.


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