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Lamar Beach at Town Lake Metro Park/Metz Neighborhood Park

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Lamar Beach at Town Lake Metro Park (1200 West Cesar Chavez Street) is a well-trafficked section of the Town Lake/Lady Bird Lake Butler Trail. This represents one of many access points along the gravel Trail. This part has a few little inclines and nice views of the Lake. At 65 acres and with continuation on the whole rest of the Trail, you can go miles and miles here.

Once you’re ready for a change of scenery, Metz Neighborhood Park (2407 Canterbury Street) is about 10 minutes away. Along with a playground, swimming pool, splash pad (which I may have taken a few leaps through on this steamy day), restrooms, and (currently broken) water fountains, there’s a short path here mostly around the back of the park. Some of it is paved walkway over old rail tracks, which is kind of fun. The path dumps you out of the park next to the Holly Street Power Plant Decommission Project, an interesting visual in and of itself. If you continue back around the block you can get 0.57 miles/lap here. There’s a small parking lot at the on-site rec center.

End of the line at Metz Neighborhood Park

End of the line at Metz Neighborhood Park

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