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North Acres Neighborhood Park/North Oaks Neighborhood Park/Patterson Neighborhood Park

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North Acres Neighborhood Park (1112 Hermitage Drive) is a smaller park that has a footbridge and a sidewalk along a wooded area with a bit of an incline. That path is about 0.6 miles out and back and street parking is readily available. There are no other facilities.


North Oaks Neighborhood Park is about six minutes away, at 900 Plaza Drive (not 820 Plaza Drive as the Parks Directory says). The unpaved path is a short loop with a little straightaway, totaling about 0.2 miles. I ran six laps on this flat trail today. The small playground and picnic area would make this a fun spot to take kids. It’s been deserted every time I’ve been here and you can easily park on the street nearby.


Patterson Neighborhood Park (4200 Brookview Road) has many amenities including a skateboarding area, volleyball court, tennis center, pool and children’s wading pool, and many picnic areas. There is a small parking lot and ample street parking. The partially paved trail here totals about 0.8 miles per lap. Some areas are treed and other areas are more open. A neat mosaic mural can be seen on the pool house.


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