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Recent Unrunnables

04.30.15 Posted in South by

I have been striking out lately on being able to run in the parks I’m visiting – but I guess part of discovering great places to run is eliminating the places where you can’t!

Old San Antonio Greenbelt (11705 Old San Antonio Rd), Old San Antonio Park (12110 Old San Antonio Rd), and Onion Creek Metro Park (8652 Nuckols Crossing Rd) are undeveloped tracts right now with no trails or paths for running. Hopefully in the future they will be, because this is a pretty area.

Piney Bend Neighborhood Park (8601 Piney Creek Bend) just has a very small developed area with a playscape; the rest of its four acres are undeveloped and it is therefore also unrunnable.

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  1. Rich says:

    Onion Creek has some great trails.
    When you pull up a google map look for Onion Creek Drive near the intersection of William Cannon and S Pleasant Valley, it dead ends at the park entrance, looking at the playscape from the street take a left and about a 100 yards down towards the creek is the trail entrance.
    The trail is many miles.

    Also try Mary Moore Park it has a 2 mile trail partially paved, and Dove Springs has a newer decomposed granite trail that is probably a little more than a mile loop. Franklin Park has .33 mile loop but the area is a little sketchy.

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