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Shipe Neighborhood Park

08.29.15 Posted in NE by

Shipe Neighborhood Park (4400 Avenue G) is a 2.5 acre park in the Hyde Park area. A lot of features are packed into its smaller size, including basketball and tennis courts, a swimming pool, playground, public art in the form of mosaic and sculpture, and ample picnic areas. Even the restroom building has an interesting log cabin design. There’s not much of a trail within the park, but a run around its perimeter yields about 0.3 miles per lap. Two sides of its perimeter have sidewalks and the rest is easy to run in the quieter street, and it’s somewhat shaded and mostly flat. This neighborhood has interesting architecture to see with homes from various areas including restored Victorian-style houses.


The Elizabet Ney museum (home to the late German sculptress) is adjacent to this park. A gravel nature trail winds through the wildlife habitat here, and a small bridge and creek can be found behind the building.


It was quite a muggy morning today, but there were several other patrons enjoying this park. Ample street parking is available here.

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