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Trailhead Neighborhood Park

05.31.16 Posted in NW by

Trailhead Neighborhood Park (10984 Boulder Lane) is about 14 acres of some developed park land and a wooded trail. The trail is paved for the first 0.4 miles; after that there’s some rocky terrain with inclines. We’ve been getting so much rain lately that the rocky section was super slippery (and jagged!) and I had to turn around for safety. The trail is shaded and feels secluded even though it runs along folks’ backyards.


I had the trail itself to myself this morning but several other users were taking advantage of the brief break in the rain at the front of the park. In addition to on-site parking, this park has a nice rent-able covered gazebo, many picnic tables, water fountains, and a neat playscape. The playground has these short pillars pictured below that depress slightly as you step on them, making for a neat lower body workout for grown-ups as you hop across.


This one was a bit of distance away for me, but worth the drive.

I also attempted to visit Tech Ridge Neighborhood Park (12813 Blaine Road) but it is undeveloped and unrunnable at this point.


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