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Walter E. Long Metro Park

06.08.16 Posted in NE by

Walter E. Long Metro Park (6620 Blue Bluff Road) is a large park bordering Decker Lake. It is much more suited for fishing than running and there is a $5 entrance fee. You can get a run in of about 2 miles on the (flat, exposed) roadways within the park. Being next to the lake, you may expect it to be somewhat scenic but the view is dominated by smokestacks at a plant/factory and the smell is unpleasant. It’s not one of my favorites for sure. The parking areas and roads are filled with huge potholes. It’s not worth the trip or the entrance fee unless you’re fishing.


I was glad that it was at least a nice sunny, clear day. The lake was very high given the constant rain we’ve been getting lately. I spotted this neat heron as well.



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